March 28th, 2004

life begins - me


Okay, so I'm now the proud owner of my own little space on the web... It'll take a day for the registration process to go throgh so that gives me plenty time to transfer all the existing sites over.. yeah right!

I'm going to do a major overhaul on the Stacks site, it's bugging me a little now and I want to see if I can rid of half the coding on each page - the floating menu bar I have on it is great and I wouldn't do without it but it takes at least 100 lines of JavaScript to do it- must be an easier way! At least the other sites don't actually have too much content on them at the moment so updating the links on those and transferring them should be a doddle! I did decide on a name but I'm going to keep it quiet until it's actually up and running.

Feeling a bit icky this morning, could be the result of too much beer and not enough food - who am I kidding, *of course* that's the reason, there's no *could* about it! I bought a self-dye kit for my hair yesterday as well - Intense Dark Golden Brown - I'm not sure if I'm up to the smell of hair dye right now... maybe I should go make some cheesy eggs! That'll either kill or cure!

*ambles off to the kitchen... slaps hand against forehead in comical manner... comes back to the computer and clicks on "Post Entry"...*
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    Kylie - Red Blooded Woman (it's on tv and I can't be bothered changing the channel...)