March 31st, 2004

life begins - me


Just a quick fly-by to say nothing much is going on right now... *grin*

Site seems to be doing okay, still loaded properly and not crashed yet so woo and hoo! Spent a bit of time last night working through the fic files to load them next only to discover that every time I open one particular file in Dreamweaver it crashes the programme... Not 100% sure why, it opens okay in Front Page, Notepad and Mozilla just not dreamweaver. What's worse is, it's one of my files! Destiny 5!!!

Ah well, think I'm done for tonight actually, I'm in the mood to write, and I mean actual writing with a notepad and a pen, so I'm off to go set the scene.... (can't write when there's housework needing done so I'm goign to hide the stack of ironing... yes it probably would be more sensible to actually *do* the ironing but hey, since when have I been sensible?)

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    Steve Carlson - Ballad of Denim Boy and Grey Girl