April 7th, 2004

life begins - me

Getting to know me meme

Gacked from kaz814

What is your place of birth?: Vale of Leven, Scotland
Where do you live now?: West Kilbride, Scotland
What is your age?: 29
What is your favorite Color?: Really dark midnight blue
What color do you dislike the most?: pink
What is your favorite part of the body?: eyes (and arms, can’t beat strong arms!)
Whats your favorite Day of the week?: Sunday
What is your favorite TV show?: Buffy
If you absolutely had to pick one fandom what would it be?: Buffy
What drew you to fandom?: not really sure, probably ficdom
Which fandoms are you currently in?: Buffy, Angel, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1
Your Fandom OTP's (one for each fandom): FX, BX, X/Lindsey, Mara/Luke
What are your favorite characters in order (any fandom): Xander, Mara, Faith, Lindsey, Daniel
Who's the character you'd go on a date with?: Xander (c’mon, did you really have to ask?!)
What is the worst website you've ever seen?: too many to name really – plus I’ve both been there and done that with bad design so I know it’s a learning process
What is the best website you've ever seen?: At the moment my favourites are Fallen Grace (Faith site) and Daydreaming (fan art site that seems to be down at the moment)
What are your favorite icons in your current user icons?: Lickable, no doubt about it!
Name Three Favorite words: Bugger, vertigo, infinity
What is your favorite expression?: Be seeing you.
What do you want people to say about you?: That I made a difference.
What do you have to say about your fandom friends?: They are some of the oddest, wildest and nicest people I know! Love you all!
life begins - me


Knew I shouldn't have gone into work today! They've just introduced a new points system for time off sick that no one understands yet. Anyway, I knew this morning I wasn't well yet but thought I'd face it anyway and see how I went. 11 o'clock and I knew I wasn't up to being there so I said to the boss I was feeling really lousy and wouldn't be much use for the rest of the day so could I go home - she said yeah but "advised" me that because it would count as a second sickness absence in one week it would end up adding a million points to my record (okay, not a million but you gte the point). So I'm home, on a half day's annual leave, feeling like crap and pissed off at my work.


Right, now I'm going to my bed before I curl up and die....
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