April 15th, 2004

life begins - me

ho hum

This episode better be worth it. I forgot Angel had a new ep last night so I'm now on the download hunt a day late. It's going to take 33 hours and 45 minutes at this rate. Wow. All I can say is - it better be worth it!

Had a doctors appointment this afternoon to see why I'm still so run down after being ill last week. I ran into the surgery dead on ten to which was when my appointment was for - got all these dirty looks from the receptionists but then have to sit for ten minutes waiting for the doctor who was running late. I finally get into the surgery, tell her what was up and she basically says to me I'm still fighting the bug, to keep my fluids up and come back in a week if I'm not better. And then shows me the door.

I was in the room for around two minutes. I didn't even get to take my jacket off. I know the NHS are pretty streched and all but I don't go to the doctors unless there's a very good reason. I'm not just feeling "run down" and wasting her time. I am physically shattered, not sleeping and can't work out why.

I still don't know why that is and I'm still shattered.
life begins - me

crapity crap!

Just found out the last ep of Miracles aired last night on Living!!!! I missed it!!!

Grrrr, I only know of one other person who actually watches it and she didn't tape it so I'm basically going to have to wait to see if Living TV decide to repeat the series (once they're done with the endless repeats of Charmed and Will & Grace that is...)

Watching Jake 2.0 right now as well, I love this show still. A lot of people warned me that it started off well and then got not so good - I have to disagree, I think it's great. I do actually care about this guy, the situations he finds himself in are incredible but he maintains this incredibly human perspective on everything. The only thing I would change about this show is cut the Kyle character. He's good and Jake does need a partner but this guy's just a bit too one-dimensional for me.

Ah well, I'm off to try to find some pictures now, I think I want a Jake 2.0 icon!