April 16th, 2004

life begins - me


Good God it's been an odd week! (and when I typed that I could hear Tara saying "Good God that's a lot of shake!" in my head - I watch too much tv...) Been kinda all over the place to be honest, my brain just is not working right at all and things are finally coming to the point where I have to sleep for twelve hours or not be able to face another day... Of course, the fact that I can't sleep properly at the moment might put paid to that plan. Grrr.

There are no supervisors apart from me in the department for most of today and I've got a cheek to frown at anyone checking their email with the amount of time I spend on non-work sites in a day, so it's going to be a fun day with next to no work being done! Yay! Of course, the plus point is that the morale in here is so much better without the biatch being here - and she's not back till the week after next! (and then I'm away for a long weekend - yay!!!)

I have to get some writing done this weekend, I have so much in my "not yet finished" pile that it's getting beyond the joke. Plus, I've been speaking to a writing agent who wants to see some of my original work so I *really* need to get that done. (It's nothing formal yet, he's someone I met in a pub but I want to take advantage of it as soon as possible)

So Brogan might make a reappearance over the weekend, I've been writing short stories for years now based around her but I've not done much lately. Or since 2000 to be honest, and even that one's not finished properly!