April 20th, 2004

life begins - me

Woo Hoo!

Happy Birthday engelsteorra!!!!!

sorry - couldn't resist! Right, onto other things

First of all, finally got my Buffy s7 dvds! yay! Only like three weeks after the release but hey, better late than never! (plus I didn't realise Nick had done a commentary!!!)

Second, got most of the next part of WaDaDM written but have a question for you all - especially the non-UK types. What are the best known map makers and tourist guide things you use? I'm thinking Berlitz is the main publisher but that might just be a British thing. Help?

And here's a funny that smileawhile pointed me towards Just click dammit! *grin*
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life begins - me


Okay, I really am nearly done with WaDaDM part 3. Honest! The only thing I'm worried about is that I'm introducing an original character. She's not staying for long, probably won't make it to part 4 to be brutally honest (or then again will she? *eg*) Anyway, because of the setting I've ended up drawing on my own personal experience for her introduction scene and that's when it hit me. Is Eilidh a Mary-Sue? She's not me, she's not even an idealised me, but she's in the same situation I found myself in time and again when I was in Marrakech...

Gah! I *really* need to get this part beta read methinks....

It's probably fine, like I say, she's not me, it just so happens I did the same things in the same city. The best writing comes from personal experience I guess...
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