April 24th, 2004

life begins - me

fresh start - again!

Feeling so positive today it's weird, still not 100% health-wise but I managed to get some quality sleep last night - yes alltherealice even though I was online obscenly early this morning I actually did get some sleep before that!

A couple of years back, I used to go out every Saturday morning at 9 get all my shopping done for the week and be back home by 11 at the latest with the rest of the weekend free to do whatever the heck I wanted. And then my sister had my nephew and decided that she wanted to bring him up in the country so she moved to my village. Not a problem, I love having them so close but she also decided that she would come with me on my shopping trips every week. Again not a problem except that it gradually moved further and further back in the day so that there were times we didn't even leave the village until well into the afternoon.

Today, since I was feeling so positive when I got up, I decided to hell with it and was out of the house by 9:15. Drove the twenty minutes into Irvine and got all my shopping down in record time even for me. So now I'm home, I have colour corrector to strip the red dye out of my hair before I go brunette again, some tattoo ink (yay! I found some!) and a brand spanking new printer to play about with.

Plus, getting positive responses for WaDaDM again - I'm blown away with the response. Again. Instead of getting all stressed about it I took a break from it for yesterday, listened to some serious rock instead of the Jazz that's been in my CD player since I started writing it and chilled out making wallpapers. And then, at around 3 am I realised that the characters were having a conversation in my head and I had to write down what they were saying before I forgot it. About an hour and a half later I was 1200 words into part four and loving writing it again. So yay! Maybe I can avoid the month-long gap between parts this time!

Speaking of fic. I cannot pimp this one enough - Falling to Pieces by Bastard Snow. I discovered it this morning when I was checking INAP was up again (which it is - YAY!) and am seriously hooked on it. Go R&R, you know you want to!
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life begins - me

strangeness and yay!

Had a bit of a strange day today. Re-read the new part of WaDaDM and still found myself loving it, it needs a lot of work yet and the conversation between Buffy and Xander isn't quite right - especially his side of it. Which is odd, normally I'm better at getting inside his head than hers. :shrug: I'll get there, I'm sure.

Anyway, smhwpf mentioned another WIP to me today. It's actually the first piece of BtVS fanfic I wrote and it's still unfinished. I started it over two years ago now and it stalled on me for nearly a year. I finally got round to writing another part of it ... and then it stalled on me again. I did write one other part which hasn't been posted anywhere but Sam's seen it. When he mentioned it today, I went back and read the last two parts of it and I've found the passion for it that I had when I started it. So, I've got the next chapter plan written (something I don't usually do) and am really quite psyched about it again - so thanks Sam!!


ETA just realised how long it is since I actually started this story - back then I actually said the phrase "The wonderful Joss Whedon".... how times change... *grin*
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life begins - me

Plot bunny

For my own reference - I'm currently being attacked by a plot bunny which'll pick up right at the end of OMWF. Based around these lyrics.

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