April 25th, 2004

life begins - me

It's hug your favourite fanfic writer day today!

I'm one of those people who can often be really remiss in leaving feedback so since it's hug your favourite writer day today, let me abuse this journal a little by sending out huge hugs to the following writers:

liz_marcs / Lizbeth
smhwpf / Sam
Bastard Snow
nwhepcat / nwhepcat
Bill the Bloodless (especially the San Bernardino stories!)

There are other writers whose stories I adore but all of the above make me stop what I'm doing every time I see them post a new story just so I can read it. (liz_marcs, did you know you've made me late for work twice when you've posted new parts of Living History?! *grin*)

If your name isn't listed please don't think I don't love your work, it's early, these were the names which jumped into my brain as soon as I thought about doing this!

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life begins - me

wrapped in plastic

So I'm using the colour stripper on my hair right now and I'm sitting here with my head wrapped in a plastic bag (laughingly called a "thermo cap"). I can't remember what my natural colour is. I think it's dark blonde. I think. I've been colouring it for so long that I think the red has seeped into my head and my roots come out vahuely red.

Ah well, I'll keep you updated on my thrilling experiments in hair colour!
life begins - me

crazy stalker people....

So I'm back from my shopping day in a gloriously warm and sunny Glasgow! Yes, it is sunny sometimes in Glasgow!!!

So got a whole bunch of stuff including six metres of really nice dark red material to make a toga... Now I just to work out how to make a toga... *grin* And. I got the thing I went for, a really nice square petrol lighter with a Lion Rampant on it which'll make a nice late birthday present....

I'm not a crazy stalker gal. Really. I'm not!


On a side note, the hair colouring stripper didn't really work in the way I wanted it to. I wanted it to take the red out of my hair but it didn't. It stripped the brunette I put in a couple of weeks ago so now I'm back to square one. Oh joy. Plus, I need to practice drawing this damn tattoo - left handed! Joy.