May 14th, 2004

life begins - me

One Bright Shining Moment

So I watched Angel again, I did watch The Girl In Question and it had some funny lines I guess but it's still the worst episode I've seen (yup, it annoys me even more than Billy did.)

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life begins - me

He he he!

Sorry, had to take a break from writing for a second. I'm working on an oddity for me - whilst I was at the Fusion convention, smileawhile challenged me to write a non-Xander centric fic using the character of Andrew and one other (I would tell you who that is but it'll spoil the story a little I think)

Anyway, it took me a little bit to work out the plot line and the logistics of it but I started writing it tonight. I haven't stopped giggling the whole time! I'm a little worried about that - paranoid me is thinking, what if no one else finds this funny? - but right now, I'm just enjoying writing this so much that I don't mind if I'm the only person who laughs at it!

For the moment I'm writing it in the style of a diary, and I'm having so much fun having Andrew getting his grammar ever so slightly wrong - he's trying to sound more intelligent than he is and the little lapses are just really funny to me! Of course it has the downside of meaning that half of my text now has squiggly green lines under it - yes Microsoft, I know it's not grammatically correct, thank you ever so much!

Anyways, the little bit I'm writing at the moment was making me laugh out loud so I had to take a little break from it to be able to type again. Right, back to it then!
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