May 17th, 2004

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writing weirdness

Had a really weird night last night, I spent most of the weekend switching between writing and spring cleaning so my head was in a bit of an odd place anyway, but last night everytime I tried to get to sleep a new part of one of my stories jumped into my head.

It was very odd. When I write I tend to let the idea for the entire chapter play out in my head until it's ready and then I start writing it but last night I wrote six different snippets just because it felt like I could see the characters doing these things. I've no idea how they fit together in timelines, what connects them to the main stories or anything like that - all I know is that I have a notepad full of little bits and pieces now.

There isn't even a common theme to them - the first part is incredibly angsty and was quite difficult to write down, I could see it all in my head but getting it on paper proved to be a chore. The second part is pure comedy mixed with a whole lot of bonding between Buffy and Faith; other parts are fight scenes and others are introspection. No one character dominates them, no one mood fits them all and yet they were all written at around the same time.

I'm feeling very weird about it just now. Ah well, it's early and I've got to get ready for work... I'll puzzle out the weirdness later.
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