May 18th, 2004

life begins - me

(no subject) - not sure how I feel about this. I qualified in film production in Scotland in 1997 and because of the way the television and film industry works in this country, the closest I've ever come to actually working in my chosen profession was a couple of weeks as a runner on Monarch of the Glen and helping the set dressers in the library for Sea of Souls.

And now Scottish Screen (along with the BBC) are giving money to support new film makers. Great, fantastic. But. It takes a lot more than financial support to make it in the industry, there needs to be tax breaks, government support - and to use an example from London (okay, not Scotland but close enough) letting the crew have more than two parking spaces on public streets!!

Good luck to the three people who get hold of the money, but I still remember the time a few years back when National Lottery (*spit*) money was supposed to be diverted to young British film makers only it wasn't because "there was no one talented enough". Kick in the teeth to everyone who feels passionate about making films in this country and I really hope this new Scottish Screen initiative doesn't end up the same way.