June 10th, 2004

life begins - me

woo hoo! and damn!

Made it into work today without any major disasters striking so far! Yay! Walked in and the first thing that happens is my boss says to me "So what happened yesterday then?" So I pull out the handy over-sized receipt I got from the garage yesterday and start explaining about how they didn't call me back and I hung about till mid-afternoon before I called them. Call me paranoid but I got the feeling that if I didn't have that receipt as a prop I'd have been accused of trying to get the day off for no reason. Still, sorted now!

And of course it turns out I missed *another* of the library branding meetings - I'm on a committee aiming at making the library more appealing to new students and staff and so far I've only been to one of the three meetings. Gah! I really have to apologise to the rest of the committee and I suppose offer to stand down since I don't really have anything constructive to offer right now. Ah well. (in case you want to see where I work here you go! Library homepage innit pretty? (yeah right!)
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life begins - me


So alltherealice and I were just talking about the fact there was no pictures of me on the library web page when all of a sudden there's this photographer wandering round taking snaps of staff to liven up the annual report. I've finally discovered a benefit to being a supervisor in this place! "Shona, you can be in the picture." "Nah, Paul's a much better option - he deals with the public all the time." So who's in the picture? Paul. Not me. *grin*

On another point, there are elections today in the UK. In England and Wales they're voting for Local Authorities and the European Parliament while in Scotland it's just the MEPs we're voting for. If you're in Britain and of a legal age to vote, then I urge to do so. It doesn't matter who you vote for, just vote. Democracy is an increbible thing but it needs to be nurtured and the only way we can do that is to participate in it.