June 17th, 2004

life begins - me

Slayer icons

I've got icon making fever I guess...

as always, if you want them, they're yours!

And I'd be eternally grateful if someone can help me figure out where those lyrics come from! In case you can't read them it's: "She's a little girl, with nothing wrong, but she's all alone" I can hear it in my head but I can't place it at all!

ETA I changed the layout of the text on the Faith one - it just looked better on the left like this (it was centred before)
life begins - me

So I finally relented

I now have a paid account. *grin*

Multiple user icons! Yay! I'm playing about with the settings on this thing until I find a design I like so it might change a lot over the next few days. Plus I'm going to set up a mood theme as well but that'll take a while I think so for now I'm still Goth chick.

In the meantime if anyone's got any good hints for layouts I'm more than happy to hear them! What I'd like to do is have a banner picture, I've got web space to store it 'cause I know LJ doesn't store pics so that's not a problem, I just can't work out how to do it right now - my brain isn't up to coding this early in the morning (and yes I know it's nearly afternoon!) And I'd like to add more stuff down the right hand side - quotes, thumbnail pics and the like.

Ideas anyone?
life begins - me

Fic related icons

so I've been busy writing today and when I took a break I ended up making some icons for a couple of my fics. I'm going to put them here for feedback but since they have my fic titles in them I'd rather they weren't shared. I can adapt them or make others on request though!