June 19th, 2004

life begins - me


so my memories thingy isn't working quite right at the moment so...

liz_marcs has posted this really insightful take on the characterisation of Xander in fanfics. You can read it here

ludditerobot has also just put up the first part of a new fic here it's powerful stuff so far.
life begins - me

Attention all I Need A Parrot authors!

Anyone on my flist who has fics archived on INAP, kaz814 has just had a catastrophe strike - all the fics have been erased from the archive so she's asking everyone to re-upload their stories. FIngers crossed they'll all end up back on there, it was a really good resource and it'd be a damn shame if it was permanently lost.

ETA - there's still a problem apparently so you can't upload at the moment, keep checking the site for updates though. I Need A Parrot

2nd edit Kaz has reached the end of her tether will this and things are still not working with the archive. She's looking for help now guys, anyone with experience of running a fic archive please contact her.
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