June 24th, 2004

life begins - me


If anything, the weather is worse than it was yesterday! Someone should tell whoever's in charge that whilst it does rain in Scotland, in fact we're known for it, it shouldn't be a monsoon! My poor wee dog was nearly drowning this morning on his walk! (He's a Westie, a bit close to the ground to be able to cope with heavy rain like this)

Anyways, the boss is off on holiday today and it's also the big boss's last day before her year long "career break" so I'm in an exceedingly good mood today!

Got some hitches worked out for a couple of the fics I'm working on last night as well so I'm in a writing mood now - shame my desk's piled high with work really isn't it? Ah well...
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life begins - me


So I had to uninstall my screensaver programme yesterday because it was interfering with the proxy server (or something, IT guy started speaking, my brain switched off - I'm okay with IT speak and technology stuff but this guy can send anyone to sleep!) and I was a little irritated by that because I had all my favourite BtVS wallpapers cycling through as a screensaver. Now I have nothing.

So I go off for a works lunch - all the supervisors took the boss out for her last day to a cheap Chinese restaurant, nice. - and when I get back Matt's made me a new screensaver. A sheet of paper with the Mutant Enemy logo and a little jiggly monster on it stuck to the screen. Innit sweet?
life begins - me


inspired by Steve Carlson's song "Under You" from various Buffy episodes, they're not really linked by anything other than the first time I heard the lyrics it made me think of these particular scenes. :shrug:

As always - want, take, have

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