June 25th, 2004

life begins - me

I'm in shock...

...it's sunny! Woo Hoo!

And I got another comment this morning from a nosy neighbour: "Aye, you'll need to get that garden done. You know your mother wouldn't have let it get to that state."

Yeah, that's 'cause my mother wasn't out of the house eleven hours every single day and then spending the rest of the time setting up her own company did she? And oh yeah, have the guy she's paying to do the garden not turn up for no reason at all and then have him vanish off the face of the Earth?

Bloody neighbours.
life begins - me

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crap crap crap! had a nice easy day planned, no stress, just getting some of the niggly little things that have been sitting around for a while and keeping busy.

That is until this stupid bloody system that's supposed to make life easier decides to screw up and leave muggins here to fix it. This thing is meant to speed up the receipt process but because the company who supplies us with journals decided it would be fun to screw it up on a Friday it's now going to take three times the normal length of time. I have to go into every single bloody record, remove the data that was just imported incorrectly and then process two shipments manually. And my boss thinks this is the best thing in the world and will not listen to me when I say it doesn't work and will never work the way he wants it to.

I'm so glad I can wash my hands of this soon, not that I'm counting the days or anything....
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