June 29th, 2004

life begins - me


Took the day off work yesterday, come back to what should really be my last week in this job to find that yet again I cannot tell what colour my desk is under the piles of crap people left on it yesterday. Most of it has nothing to do with me at all and they've all oh-so-cleverly left their names off of the things so that I can't work out who to get it all back to. Can I scream now?

Added to that my walkman batteries just ran out and I don't have replacements with me so I'll be listening to nothing all day which really sucks. Especially since I can feel a headache coming on already and music usually helps with that. Grrr
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life begins - me

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ah well, all my plans for tonight are out the window then. Just joined a new LJ community and finally discovered how to use Image Ready. Animated icons here I come!


Plus, new part of Crimson Regret is within a couple of tweaks of being posted so I'll be busy tonight! (as well as trying to work out why my server isn't recognised the MySQL database I've got set up, it's there, I know it's there, I can find it so why can't the server?! Grrr.
life begins - me


Yay! I made an animated icon that's more than just single frames flickering one after the other. Lyrics are from K's Choice - "Not An Addict" which ludditerobot got me listening to last week, and now I can't not listen to it. Is it possible to be addicted to a song?

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