July 25th, 2004

life begins - me

odd day and icons

been a really weird day day today - the weather has been absolutely glorious but I've not really been outside much apart from to go to the supermarket (and that *really* doesn't count!) Spent a bit of time this morning writing, I've worked on the next chapter of What a Difference a Day Makes (no I hadn't forgotten about it!) and wrote a good chunk of the final chapter of Crimson Regret, which up until today I had no clue how it was going to end!

eta If any of you read this on my journal's page, I've added a little poem/song lyric on the right hand side. The title's "Scottish Fiction" and appears on the Idlewild song "In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction". The poem itself is written by Edwin Morgan who also reads it over the backing track. It's strangely hypnotic and says a lot about why I love this nation. end edit

Plus I made icons, I re-did my own Crimson Regret ones because the old ones were just too pink for my liking and I did a couple from Ultraviolet which I bought the dvds for about a year ago but only got round to watching again this week. That show was great! Plus another couple I made just for the heck of it - they're all sharable except for the Crimson Regret ones.

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