July 31st, 2004

life begins - me

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In the words of Rory in "The Crow Road" v.h.o.

So why am I awake at such a stupid time on a Saturday when I'm this hungover? A viirtual cookie to the first person who can supply an annswer that makes sense...
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life begins - me

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The hedge is cut! Yay! I can actually get in the front gate now! And speaking of gates, I fixed the driveway one! Yay me! Okay, so I spent most of the afternoon with a bit of sawdust in my eye because I figured shades would do instead of safety glasses but hey, at least both lenses were in them this time!

And of course I get sawdust in my eye at exactly the same time as my tap water turns peatey so I can't rinse it out.... I'm a country girl, born and bred. I lived in the city for a year (Glasgow) and it didn't agree with me, so I'm back out in a village with a farm at the bottom of my road, a hill which is great for walking on right behind my house and the beach about two minutes walk away. I love it here, I really do, the only problem is that every now and then there a peat problem in the water supply and it's all brown and nasty.... Normally I have a big bottle of distilled water in the fridge which does me when that happens but of course it's been really warm here so there's only a trickle left in it... Long and short of it, I spent about three hours blinking like a maniac and mopping at my left eye with a tissue soaked in what little water was left in the kettle before the tap water went brown. It's all sorted now and I can see again but man that was annoying!

Also managed to get some writing done, just sent the next part of Crimson Regret to my beta and hopefully will get it back soon and then I can maybe start posting the earlier parts to INAP. Plus, just agreed to take on another website. Like I don't have enough to do already....*grin* Again, it's using tools I've only really dabbled with from time to time - polls and forms and the like - so it'll be great to actually sit down and learn exactly how to get them to do exactly what I want.

But right now, I'm going to grab a beer from the fridge, get my notepad and go sit outside in the sunshine while it's still here!

ETA my fantabulous new mood theme comes from Faith's Solace, I'm still working on my own but I got bored with the Goth Girl one and decided to spread the Faith love a little!
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