August 6th, 2004

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really, really weird mood today! Spent most of last night flaffing about the house, cleaning up (after the other night I'm becoming a clean freak - don't want a repeat of squirmy things in the bin!!) and watching dvds. Ended up completely knackered, went to my bed and couldn't sleep because Faith started talking in my head. Yes, I'm worried about myself now!

So I ended up abandoning all hopes of getting any sleep, get up, grab the notepad and get a whole bunch of dialogue written for Crimson Regret. I've always avoided having Faith swear too much, personally I think it's a sign of lazy writing - ooo, she's a bad girl/poor white trash/stereotype, let's have her swear like a trooper. However, the flow of dialogue only worked if she was swearing, a lot. I'm concerned that maybe I was just being lazy in my writing so I'm going to have to be careful not to fall into that trap. Of course I'll probably go back to the story later on today, decide everything I wrote last night is rubbish, and it'll never see the light of day!

The dvds I watched last night were loaned to me by a friend, Six Feet Under first season. I've never seen this before, I don't know why I never watched it when it aired on Channel 4 - I guess it just didn't appeal to me at the time. Within thirty minutes of the first episode I was on choicesdirect looking for the best price. I should have my own copies of seried one and two by next Tuesday depending on how nice the postwoman is - I leave the house well before she comes on her round so if there's parcels or anything it really depends on how she's feeling whether I get them left round the back or whether I get the card saying "you've got mail - come get it." (y'know, they should change the text on the card to that, short and sweet!)

Right, I'm rambling now, it's nearly five to nine and I have to go get some water before I start work...
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Fic rec

Xander Meets the Endless I'm a Xander fan, I'm proud of that - I'm not going to hide it. But I'm also a Neil Gaiman fan, especially Sandman (and Neverwhere - that so needs to be released on DVD!). This story manages to combine the two and although there are a few problems with it (mostly spelling to be honest) it really deserves more recognition than it's getting!

So go, read and review - it rocks!
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