August 11th, 2004

death - me

Bloody doctors...

they really shouldn't be allowed to take holidays should they? Had to get another blood test done today and my doctor's off for a fortnight so it'll be ages before I get the results now...

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life begins - me

Kane news!

Kane (the band featuring Christian Kane and Steve Carlson) are considering touring in the UK in November and are looking for feedback as to whether they would get an audience.

Unfortunately they haven't given an email address to contact them which is a bit silly so I'm off to try to find out what that is and I'll post it here once I do. Please support them, they are so talented! Steve is a brilliant guitarist, and Chris has an incredible voice.

Kane's site for more info and the chance to buy the album!

ETA Email Kane Teamers
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life begins - me


I was a tomboy, always in jeans and trainers, playing in the mud. Even through uni although there was less of the playing in the mud by that point! I'm also not all that tall, 5'4" on a good day. So about a year or so ago I started wearing heels, nothing major, couple of inches or so and got myself used to them. This week I've been slumming it, back in jeans and trainers and my legs hurt!

Have I gotten so used to heels that I can't walk in flat shoes anymore? Better not have, I just spent forty quid on a new pair of trainers!!!

I'm bored now, the job is still great but my new boss is off this week so I can't really do all that much to be honest...
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