August 12th, 2004

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I want to write, I really do, but every time I pick up the pen or open up a Word document I just go blank.

I've jotted down a whole load of dialogue and I've written most of a part of Crimson Regret that won't see the light of day for a while yet, but I just can't get anything meaningful going on in the meantime.

On top of that I finally got some graphics done for one of the new sites last night and whilst I loved it then, it looks crappy on the not so great monitor I have at work so it looks like it might be back to the drawing board for that one. (Plus there's cross-browser problems at the moment, works fine on IE but not on Mozilla at all and since I use Mozilla by default that's a real problem)

Last night I got a call from my sister at around 8pm to say my nephew was throwing a strop because she'd left his potty at nursery - he won't use anything but his own potty so the poor kid was absolutely desperate! I stupidly volunteered to go to the supermarket to get a new one for her and ended up driving to the three nearest supermarkets (and by near I mean about 15-20 miles away) before I finally find one in Asda for 73p. I had no cash, only a credit card and there was no way I was putting that on a credit card so I ended up buying stuff I don't need and can't really afford just so that I could get a potty for my nephew that he might not even use...

And to top off my evening, on the way back my dog decided wouldn't it be the funniest thing ever to mess on the backseat of the car and then walk it into the fabric....


Okay, so I started off annoyed that I'm not writing and now I'm waffling so I'm going to stop now and just think about how I didn't have breakfast and my stomach is rumbling loud enough to be heard on the other side of the room...
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death - me

dream a little dream....

years ago I used to be very into dream analysis, I guess studying psychology put me off that for a while. Anyway, a friend at work just told me about this dream she had last night and I broke it down and analysed it for her in minutes. She's impressed.

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to do that! I in no way take it seriously, I'd hate to think anyone I've ever done a dream reading for has taken what I've said as hard and fast truth - I made sure I told them all that whenever I did one - but it's so much fun!
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