August 13th, 2004

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lines meant to be crossed...

I'm a geek. There, I said it. I've known, or at least suspected, that for a few years now - after all, once you open your third website dedicated to a TV show you really have to at least consider the possibility - but today I am finally embracing my inner geek.

_end_of_days, an RPG set after Not Fade Away and incorporating characters from both Buffy and Angel, and I'm playing not one but two characters....

I am a geek! I always said there were certain lines I would never cross - Conventions were the first and that's long gone now. Dressing up as a character at a convention - Faith, badly, that tattoo is bloody hard to draw by yourself! Paying for web space? Been there, doing that. Role Playing. That was kinda my final line and it's now well and truly crossed...

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I hate FrontPage, always have, it has no good qualities at all and yet it's the programme we use in the library to maintain the web pages. So I spent the entire afternoon adding links to the biggest page in the world ( which I didn't do my normal save every 20 minutes thing because the page is so huge it takes ages to save.

So of course it crashes on me. An entire afternoon's work down the drain.

I hate FrontPage!!! Why the hell can't I code this manually? It would be so much quicker and less likely to crash!
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death - me


okay, I just caught the tail end of VH1's 100 worst number ones. Cliff Richard's "Millennium Prayer" got the most votes, which - if I remember right - pissed off just about everyone, the song that is, not the fact it's the top of the worst number ones poll. It offended Scots because it ripped off "Auld Lang Syne", it offended non-Christians because it was pseudo-propaganda, it offended Christians because it re-wrote the Lord's Prayer, it offended music fans because it was Cliff Richard. Basically a whole lot of people were pissed off with that song and Cliff Richard has not really had a successful hit since then.

I found myself singing the actual words of Auld Lang Syne in a weird attempt to drown out the murdering of the tune that was coming from my TV speakers and found myself a little lost for the words in the second verse. So, I grabbed hold of my copy of the complete works of Robert Burns (a 19th birthday present from my parents, they gave me lots of books for birthdays, all of which had a little dedication written by my mum. This book has my dad's handwriting in it - he died three months after my 19th birthday.) Anyway, there are two bookmarks in the book - the first is at Tam O'Shanter because it's such a great yarn! (and no smhwpf I'm not writing a TO'S/BtVS crossover - it'll take a helluva lot of whisky for that to happen!) and the second bookmark is at this song. I know why, it touched me when I was 19 and naive. It still touches me, but more with nostalgia than anything else. I saw Eddie Reader sing this last Burn's night and she did it beautifully, but she somehow managed to miss the childish idealism in it. Ah well. (I never did find the full lyrics of Auld Lang Syne - they're in there somewhere)

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