August 15th, 2004

life begins - me

Two things

Had my first interaction piece on _end_of_days last night - that was so much fun! So much harder than normal writing because I can't predict what the other character's going to do, I was in contact with the person who plays Dru but she still came out of left field and threw me for a loop a couple of times. I was totally unsure about joining an RPG but I'm loving it so far!

Second, liz_marcs has once again posted an insightful, thoughtful and well-reasoned essay on the state of BtVS/AtS fandom. This time she takes on shipper wars. Shipper Wars and Why They Suck
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life begins - me

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For some reason the music channels keep playing U2 today, so I drug out my video of Rattle and Hum and stuck it on. I haven't watched it for a good few years and I was immediately struck by how fitting this song is for post-Chosen Xander. It's Exit from the Joshua Tree album (aka, one of the last really good U2 albums - sorry to anyone who likes their later stuff, but nothing can match War for me)

Anyway, this song has a lot of built up frustration and darkness which to me seems to fit perfectly. *shrugs* maybe I'm strange like that.

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