August 18th, 2004

head-desk - me


Still really tired and feeling the after effects of yesterday's sugar binge. Great plan for someone who's just been told their blood sugar's too high, go home and just keep on picking at that packet of Americn Hard Gums until it's empty, then move on to the ice cream and not once eat something that could resemble a proper meal...

Still, at least now I know the medical reason I've been feeling like crap for so long, and after the way I woke up feeling this morning I know I'm going to have to be more careful from now on unless I want to keep feeling like that when I wake up in the morning...

Huge apologies to everyone at _end_of_days for disappearing on you all, still, Xander's jetlag is about to become a very convenient excuse! *grin*
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life begins - me

Is it so wrong?

I'm getting hooked into this role playing thing - totally. In my head I've come up with this whole scenario for why Xander wouldn't have been around up until now, I've created characters he's interacted with, things he's done, things they've done - that only exist in my head. A sort of back-story if you will. Is it so wrong that I want to write this all down and turn it into a fic now?

I want to know more about Nhamo and why the owl is so damned important!!! *grin*

must finish Crimson Regret, must finish Crimson Regret, must not start another new fic....
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