August 19th, 2004

death - me

and the obsession continues....

...I signed up for another character on _end_of_days. That makes three now, just as well I'm loving it isn't, isn't it?

Plus I have a challenge fic to write for the BBBFic, Crimson Regret to finish, WaDaDM to update, two sites to set up and somewhere amongst all that I have to try find a life...

life begins - me

Things I have to do tonight...

Write story outline for BBBFic challenge story
Finish middle section of Crimson Regret 12
Write up the missing pages for the new site
Make new side graphics for the new site
Update character journals for _end_of_days
Drop off pirate treasure map at big sister's house (and try not to get trapped there by my increasingly clingy nephew)

and somewhere in that I should probably get something to eat and maybe even try to sleep somewhere along the line!
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