August 20th, 2004

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So, I had a list of six things I needed to get done last night.

I did one thing from it. One.

I wrote out a plot outline for the challenge fic and as I was doing it dialogue started to go through my head and I had to scribble it all down before it disappeared into the ether. Once I started doing that the story started to flow and I ended up writing around 700 words of a 2000 word challenge fic.

And that was it, nothing else got done - well, I tell a lie, I did some laundry and washed the dishes that were slowly begin to set up their own china colony in my kitchen sink.

I did work out what's wrong with the sticky middle section on the next part of CR, but I didn't get any of that written...

Plus, I left the treasure map thing at work by accident so I didn't go to big sister's house at all, probably just as well really since the nephew spent about a half hour babbling to me on the phone. I'm not great with kids, I can barely understand what they're saying to me when they develope language skills so to have an almost 2 year old wittering in my ear is frustrating, about the only thing he can say clearly is "Oh dear!" whenever he does something wrong....
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life begins - me


the one thing I was really nervous about doing last Friday when the boss wasn't here I couldn't do because my password was rejected. So I try again this morning, end up in a place I didn't want to be on the site and lost all this data. I feel like an idiot now, it's a complicated procedure and because it didn't work properly last week (or at all) I had it all blown out of proportion in my head today. And I screwed it up.


the boss is okay about it, but I'm so sorry to any staff or postgrad's at GU who are currently wondering why they haven't received any current awareness alerts for the past two weeks. It's because I made a mess of it.

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head-desk - me

it's one of those days isn't it?

I can just tell, first the whole problem with the stupid thing I wiped the data from, then having to chop and change machines because the hard drive was on the verge of either exploding or developing artificial intelligence - I dunno, it was chattering away to itself all morning until IT came down and took it away. Then IT forget to set me up with permissions for most of the programmes I use on the new hard drive (including the dreaded Front Page, not that I'm too upset at that one!) and finally, I'm up in the common room, having my lunch when I realise the bread on my sandwich tastes funky. I turn it over and it's blue. How come I didn't notice that earlier? How come the loaf of bread I bought two days ago and have been keeping in the fridge has gone mouldy? Grrr.

I came back from lunch (such as it was) early to do some work on the challenge fic (working title: "When You Awake"). My head was chock full of ideas when I left the common room, I walked down from level 6 to level 3, sit at my desk and drew a blank. Typical. So now I'm going to ask the boss nicely if I can leave early today because a banana and a packet of Doritos do not a balanced lunch make. Not even when they're Tangy Cheese flavoured!
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life begins - me

New icon

You know, some people wait till they've made more than one icon before they post it but hey, I'm only making one tonight so I'm posting it!

want, take, have, comment. *grin*