August 26th, 2004

death - me

One flew east...

... to Edinburgh to be precise. Wee bit o' cultchur dontcha know? Well, it's the Festival and I've lived in Scotland all my life and never really been to anything (well, went to the Film Festival once when I was at uni, but that doesn't really count to be honest)

So I went to see a play. "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". One of my favourite films and not a half-bad read as well. I wasn't too sure about the play, but to be honest once I heard who was in it I couldn't not go, even if it was only to drool for two hours.

Christian Slater.

Yup, Hollywood actor comes to the Edinburgh Festival to do a play, nothing particularly new there - except for one thing.

He can act.

I'm kinda speechless right now, he was bloody good! Everyone on stage was just fantastic - and we were third row in a fairly small theatre, right up close and personal

I'm blown away.

So apologies for the delay in updating the nominations page on White Knight Awards - rest assured I'm not simply ignoring them, in fact I'm working on it right now! (well, okay, right now I'm typing this, but you get what I mean....)
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