September 3rd, 2004

life begins - me

TFI Friday!

Another week over! I do like my job now, honest, but this week has really been dragging! I think it's because I have a million and one things I'd rather be doing but by the time I get home I'm too knackered to even start.

Crimson Regret - prime example, I've posted the first two parts to INAP, the first six parts (or is it seven? See? I can't even remember that much right now!) here and eleven to the BBBFic list. Part 12 is mostly written, I had a problem with the mid section but that's sorted now, all I have to do is actually write the damn thing but have I done it? Nope.

What a Difference a Day Makes - smhwpf sent the beta'd version of chapter five back to me over a week ago and I've just not had the time to look over it other than the occasional glance!

Worlds Collide - pretty much abandonded now because I'm stuck on the ending of part two.

New site #1 (Effects...) - I'm hung up on getting the graphics sorted for this so I've done nothing.

New site #2 (untitled as yet) - I have three people saying "I can do this for it" and yet none of us can come up with a decent name for it...

White Knight Awards - d'you know I have a 92 page spreadsheet just to keep track of all the nominations so far? I updated the nominees page last night but have still to contact the newest additions (so if you see your name up there but haven't heard from me - you will soon!)

_end_of_days - I need to get back on track with this, Caleb's not done anything since the weekend, Vi's still looking for Dawn or Willow or anybody who can tell her what the hell happened, and Xander's got a broken rib and is severly pissed off right now.

Gah! A life? What's that?

Plus, right now, I hate all my icons and really want to make some more - no Photoshop on the work pcs though which is probably just as well 'cause otherwise I'd never get anything done!

eta plus, the BBBFic challenge is finishing tomorrow (no one argued when I suggested extending the date till the weekend so I did) and I need to archive the stories and set up a poll for that as well... gah!
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life begins - me

(no subject)

bored and hungry now, just like the week's dragged, so's the morning so far... Great.

Still, at least I now know I want a "Bored Now" Willow icon... *g*
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life begins - me

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Had a meeting with the boss just after lunch there, boy that was fun. Basically it was a "so how's things?" type meeting since I've just started the new job. I went in all positive about it, I really do like the job, but just being in the same room as my boss just brought me crashing back down again. Joy.

I shouldn't have talked Matt out of a liquid lunch, maybe a little tequila would have helped keep me smiling this afternoon...
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