September 10th, 2004

head-desk - me


So, I came into work early to get caught up with the flexi-time I owe the library and the server's crashed! There was nothing I could do for a full hour there except sit and read over the print out of Crimson Regret I brought with me cause I was in a writing mood this morning. Didn't get any writing done, but did spot a few mistakes I'll need to fix before it gets posted to INAP.

Ah well, server's now kinda up but all my favourites are wiped from IE (spits on IE - hate the programme!) so I guess I'll only be dropping in and out from time to time today...
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life begins - me

all frigging morning! (work rant)

Dear L, I understand our library should have access to this journal electronically. Can you advise? Shona

Dear Shona, Go to the publishers site, select register and enter these numbers. L.

So of I amble to the publishers site and spend all bloody morning looking for "register" or anything vaguely similar. It's not there.

We already acces other titles by that publisher so I log into the site using our admin password. It recognises it, takes me to this page where I can view our subscriptions but not add one. The help page sucks, the site map is next to useless and every time I think I'm getting somewhere with it I keep getting the damn message "Can't find what you're looking for? Watch our Flash demo!". No, I can't find what I'm looking for, I've watched your "Flash demo" (and let me just say right now I hate Flash - it's lazy coding and it's annoying as hell) and it tells me nothing!!!!!!

All bloody morning I've sat here going round and round this one crappy site which keeps going on about "Universal availabilty" and it's bloody "Flash demo" and I'm sick of it. 'L' is no help at all and the boss decided wouldn't it be fun to take the day off and leave me to deal with it. Gah.
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life begins - me

While the cat's away...

... I have done no work this afternoon at all. I keep thinking about starting something but not getting round to it. So I'm feeling guilty now and am actually going to take work home which is a bit of a shame since most of the stuff I'm doing involves checking links right now and since my house isn't on the campus network if any of the links are IP accessed then I'm pretty much screwed.

Ah well, I'll see what I can get done in amongst the mass posting of Crimson Regret I have planned for the weekend - I really want to have a brand new part done for BBBFic and catch up with it both on here and INAP.
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