September 14th, 2004

life begins - me

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I've come to the conclusion that whatever the hairdresser did to my hair yesterday she was actually doing it to a wig which she then broke into my house while I was sleeping last night to steal back. My real hair looks nothing like it did yesterday! It's all very strange and kicking out at odd angles and in ways I'd rather it didn't.

Plus, I fell out of my front door yesterday (completely sober) and gashed my chin on the concrete steps outside. So I have a huge elastoplast plaster on my face and hair that will not behave. Plus an entire day's worth of checking links to look forward to.


Plus - again with the recommendation hunting - going to the cinema tonight (again) and have no clue what's on. Any must see films out there right now? (That aren't either The Village or Motorcycle Diaries?)
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head-desk - me


So I have a huge list of journals to check if our library has access to via this new programme which goes live on Friday. It is taking me forever to get through and I mentioned this to the boss (basically said "it's not going to be done in time") and she mentioned this search function on the beta version of the programme. I didn't even think of using it until she mentioned it. So that's four days of non-stop slogging through this list when I could have had it done in half the time...

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