September 15th, 2004

Indy funny - Callie_Girl

It's officially nippy.

That's actually an understatement - it's frelling freezing outside! Might be time to put the heating back on again... (ooo, listen to me, all domesticated!)

So today's the day.

Suck It And See what your library can do for you...


Was out in the centre of town yesterday and on the underground (sorry, subway - like that name change is going to make a difference!) on the way back to the West End where I left the car, the train was packed with ickle freshers heading back to their flats or Halls. They all look so ickle!!! I was never that young! I swear it!
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life begins - me

Wow that was fun!

I'd forgotten quite how much I missed front of house customer service type work until today - which might surprise those of you who've known me for a while, I'm a really shy person normally and I really hate meeting new people.

So why do I love customer service? I really don't know, I used to work on the complaints desk in a cheap-as-anything clothes shop (C&A!) and that was hard work, dealing with irate people every minute of the day, having to talk people down from their anger at not getting a refund for the £3 shirt they've obviously worn to death and all the while not losing your cool.

I loved it. And I was damned good at it. I miss it.

Today I was not in the slightest bit fazed at wearing the t-shirt, I wasn't in the slightest bit perturbed at the fact that we had "Suck it and see!" posters all over our stall when the very next stall to us was the Gay & Lesbian Society who were giving away condoms, I *monopolised* on that! One of the girls on that stall and I did a two-part harmony of the Star Trek theme to get people to come to our stalls! I was the one who was on my feet shouting out "Hi there!" to everyone and anyone who walked past, I was the one forcing people to take leaflets by shouting out "Free Stuff!" (we had pens and lollipops to give away).

You're not buying the "I'm shy" line now are you?

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