September 23rd, 2004

life begins - me


ten to nine and I'm finally at work!? That's like an hour later than normal and there's no good reason for me being so late other than the fact that the carbon monoxide levels in the Clyde tunnel were too high so they had to stop traffic to let it clear.

So I was sitting on the south side of the Clyde, in my car, bored out of my skull, for over half an hour.

I also have a cold coming on and generally feel really crappy but am determined to get this boring job I'm doing at work finished by the end of this week which basically means today since tomorrow and Monday are public holidays...

Gah! I had so much planned out for this morning, stuff I was going to get done before I started work and now there's no way I've got time to do more than read through my emails and glance at my flist...

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life begins - me


So the plagiarism problem has been sorted, kind of. The author in question has pulled all of his/her stories from INAP and I believe he/she is doing the same for other sites as well.

It's a damn shame - I did a compare and contrast of the stories and while there were paragraphs which were lifted, it's clear the INAP writer was a much better writer.

I hope what will happen is the writer in question will re-work the stories and re-post them minus the plagiarisation. It's a loss to INAP to see this writer's work pulled. If he/she decides to re-post on the site, I'll be more than happy to accept the stories and review them (again!)