September 24th, 2004

life begins - me


So when did Neil Gaiman's NeverWhere get released on dvd then? Why wasn't I told?!

I can only find it on region 1 at the moment but that's cool, cause hey, multi region dvd-rom!


So, depending on how long it takes to get here I will soon be the proud owner of NeverWhere! Yay!

And can I just say, I saw the cover-art for the three disk release of Spaced this morning and it looks so cool! Might have to buy that as well!
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head-desk - me


so my day off sucked. Really. My dog's not well, poor thing keeps choking like he's a cat with a hair-ball and when he's not doing that he's being sick, and when he's not doing that he's curling in beside me on the couch feeling all sorry for himself. Poor thing.

I told myself I was taking him to the vet if he didn't get better by this afternoon, he got a bit better, enough that I think it's just something he ate that's disagreeing with him. He's not being sick anymore but he's still moping around a little. Just not right really.

Poor thing.

And I've been trying to write all day and nothing's coming at all. Not even _end_of_days stuff. I've been writing a little scene for why Xander didn't show up when Dawn had her trauma last night. (Okay, so in reality it was because I was in the land of nod) but all I've got is three lines. Three freaking lines.

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life begins - me

The plagiarism nightmare continues!

Okay, so the author who removed all of his/her stories from INAP is now being hounded around the internet.

I fully understand why the people who have had sections from their stories used in this writer's stories are so upset about it. As a fic writer myself I know how much blood sweat and tears go into every single thing I write. But. It's fanfiction. By it's very definition fanfic writers' are using other people's work.

I have actually had a scene from one of my stories used by another writer, my immediate reaction was to be flattered. I view my fanfiction as a writing excercise. If someone thinks something I wrote was goof enough to copy then that's all good!

That said, if someone plagiarised my original fic I would be devasted. While I work hard at my fanfic writing, my original fic is part of me in a way that fanfic never will be.

I can't explain why there's that difference in my head. Anyways, I've lost track of what I was going to say with this post.

Plagiarism is bad.

That should cover it.
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