September 29th, 2004

head-desk - me


over 200 responses via the WKA voting forms in one day.


and more were piling in as I shut down the computer this morning.

life begins - me

I can't win can I?

so yesterday I was wearing a beige shirt with a burnt orange v-neck over the top of it and got told I looked like Velma (thanks for that Rob, just what I wanted to hear) and today I'm wearing a white shirt with a blue v-neck and just got told it looks like a school uniform.

Look, I was really daft and bought a new cover for my ironing board. Took the old one off and threw it away, opened the new one only to discover it was the wrong size. I haven't had time to take it back to the shop yet so I'm currently working through all the clothes I never wear 'cause they're only things that are actually ironed... Now I'm remembering why I never wear them!

Edit apparently someone else thinks I look like a teacher today. I need a new ironing board cover!

btw, go vote! *cough* WaDaDM is in best unfinished, INAP is in best site.... *grin*