October 4th, 2004

Indy funny - Callie_Girl


So it took me all weekend, on and off, but I've finally got all the votes sent for the WKA so far tallied. Does that sentence make sense? My brain's too addled to make sense of it.

Makes me giggle though that despite the "you cannot vote more than once" rules, people are still sending the exact same votes one after the other seconds apart. I know it's all from one person because there's an IP tracker built in to the voting system!

It's only happened twice that I can tell, because after 300+ votes all those IP numbers were making my eyes hurt, but the two times it happened both of the voters sent the same vote in four times in a row.

They weren't counted.

Now maybe I can get away from admin for a while and actually do something I enjoy for a bit (like maybe read some of the fics that are nominated!)
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