October 6th, 2004

life begins - me

Fic: Crimson Regret 7

Trying to catch up with myself now! I'm well behind on posting this so expect to be spammed with new updates of fic for the next couple of days! (and this is in no way an attempt to get myself writing again... honest!) Previous parts can be found here

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life begins - me

Odd innit?

For the past three weeks or so, I've been run ragged both at work and at home with the websites. Finally I'm caught up with myself, I have one more thing to do at work and then I'm done with ploughing through reems of papers trying to identify journals that we have e-access to but no one knew about. At home, INAP is ticking along nicely (although I want to overhaul the essays section) and WKA is under control. All I need to do is keep on top of the votes coming in and make a start on winners' buttons.

I have all this spare time now, what do I do with it?!

Oh yeah, I signed up for a fourth character on _end_of_days and Crimson Regret decided it wanted to be finished, that's what I do with it!

(On another note, I've neither forgotten nor abandoned the F/X archive I was planning - it is in the works. I'm actually looking for name suggestions for it - I have one which I like but it's kinda long and doesn't roll off the tongue all that well. Any ideas?)
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life begins - me

Crap, Crap, Crap

sites are down. All of them. Arghhhh!

I can't even get hold of anyone at the host right now and I also can't access my emails since they're linked to the host.


I'm working on it, bear with me.