October 8th, 2004

life begins - me

Bloody hell

So someone's been pimping the White Knight Awards (have you voted yet?). There were 30 emails sitting in that little folder last night, I decided they could wait till today to tally up since there's only been about that number every day and it's Friday (meaning I don't have to get up at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning!)

I get up this morning, think about my worrying habit of checking my emails before I even have my first cup of coffee of the day, decide it's probably a sign that I spend too much time online and then check them anyway.

367 emails!!! all with that little "White Knight Awards votes" in the subject line and all appeared overnight.

So guess what I'm doing tonight?!

Voting closes on Monday by the way - if you haven't voted yet, please take a look. There's some damn fine stories on there (and also, it has to be said, some not so great ones that make me say "Why?!" every time they get a vote, especially given the competition they're up against) and they all deserve recognition.
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Indy funny - Callie_Girl

mercilous spam

I have a friend who sends me joke emails all the time, I'm sure you all have at least one person you know who does the same. Normally I giggle and then hit delete, but something about these two just struck me as classic comedy. Maybe it's the mood I'm in today, maybe it's the fact that I watched the first episode of Neverwhere last night, maybe it's just that these are damn funny jokes. Whatever the reason, I'm sharing them...

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life begins - me


Don't tell IT but I've gotten so sick of IE that I've now got Firefox on my work PC...

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