October 19th, 2004

life begins - me

WKA, once more.

The guy has been in contact with me privately to explain his position. He has a valid point to make and on a very broad view I tend to agree with him - the apparent canonisation of Spike in season seven, the chipping away of Buffy’s character to the point where she became little more than a parody of the feminist icon some people see her as - but that's only in the very broad view.

He misunderstood what I told him back in August about what stories could and couldn't be nominated in each category. As a result of that misunderstanding he accepted the nominations believing certain things would be disallowed.

When he found out that didn't happen, he automatically assumed I lied to him in August and attacked. I was very upset by that attack - I did feel threatened by the end of Sunday evening - and retaliated in perhaps not the most politic of ways.

There is blame on both sides, I should have perhaps made the rules clearer in August and he shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I know for sure that neither of us should have reacted in anger the way we did.

He has strongly held beliefs that he will not compromise, as is his right. He feels that having his story win an award on a site where a story which went against his beliefs also won was an affront to him. As is his right.

I’ve changed the wording of the explanation on WKA to reflect this and I really hope this will be an end to it all.
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