October 28th, 2004

life begins - me


So I came up with a cunning plan to overcome the fact that I can't sleep on buses. I'm travelling down to London tonight - we leave at 10:30 and get in at some horrible time early tomorrow morning. I didn't go to bed until I'd pretty much been awake for 24 hours last night. I figured if I was that tired then I'd sleep through this morning.

It's just after 9. I've been awake for 2 hours. I've had a total of four hours sleep.


Now I have to go pack and find my dog's vaccination records so that he can go into the kennels and I can actually go.

I hate insomnia.

Edit Squeeeee!!!! Lookkit my new icon! dark_wesley is a genius!
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life begins - me


Found it!!!

I found the vaccination card which means the dog can go into the kennels which means I can leave tonigh! Yay!

now I can maybe think about packing finally...
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life begins - me

One day and cointing....

... I'm off to the White Room! Yay!

So I'll be gone for the weekend, I should be back on Monday at some point but you never know, if I have a good enough time I might not ever come back!

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