November 4th, 2004

life begins - me


Bitch boss just came up and told me I have to stay late tomorrow. Uh, no. I really don't.

Turns out all the other supervisors have decided to leave early meaning I have to stay to cover the department while it's open. I have a 35 mile drive home, Friday nights that takes me an hour and a half unless I leave early.

I'm supposed to benefit from flexi-time as much as every other fucker in this place.

I'm so leaving early tonight.
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life begins - me

muhaha! - rant and question....

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So I also have a non-related question. I'm going to get my appointment for my tattoo done this lunchtime. Where should I get it? I was originally thinking at the top of my right arm, then I was thinking my shoulderblade, then I was thinking my lower back, then I was thinking my right leg above the ankle.

I don't know anymore - advice anyone?
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life begins - me

No going back now...

... appointment is booked, deposit is paid. This time next week I'll have my tattoo.

I'm all hyped about it now!

*sing-song voice* I'm getting a tattoo, I'm getting a tattoo!

(and all I can hear going round my head right now is a line from Steve Carlson's song 'Pinata Novia' that goes "And I know that my tattooed heart may make you lose control"... *grin*)

Edit that's Steve in my icon by the way, I forgot I had that one!
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life begins - me


Just out of interest I ran a google search for "Pinata Novia" to see what came up and the very first thing that did?

My LiveJournal.

Yup, even before Steve's official site with the track listing and lyrics. My journal.

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