November 5th, 2004

death - me


So... emeraldswan is an evil woman! With her encouragement I now have not one but two new characters on _end_of_days. Both of whom I'm really looking forward to playing because I think they'll both shake things up a helluva lot!

Free time? Pah! I've got six fictional characters lives to deal with now!
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    Steve Carlson - Under You
life begins - me

It's all becoming clear now....

Bitch boss is laying down the law this week and I wasn't completely sure why that was until today.

We have a new head of department starting on Monday.

It's all crystal clear now - Bitch Boss is doing the whole "I'll look good by making everyone else look bad" deal. Well BB? I'm onto your tricks now, go ahead, take your best shot - just remember that come Monday we're the same grade!