November 12th, 2004

life begins - me

I'm an idiot, I shouldn't be allowed out in public....

... so I was at big sister's house last night to show off my new tattoo. A few glasses of wine were consumed along with not much food.

I got home, decided I wanted to listen to a CD I hadn't heard for a while and thought it might be in the player in my living room. That's on quite a high shelf that I can reach from the floor but I tend to stand on the couch to get to. I got the CD, bounced off the couch, lost my balance and fell onto the coffee table.

I have a bruise right the way down my thigh now.


Still, at least it stopped me thinking about the discomfort from the tattoo for a while...
life begins - me

work stuff - again!

I just had a "getting to know you one on one meeting" with the new department head.

I like her, a lot.

She's been in the place a week and she's already identified every single problem with this place. Well, every problem I have with the place anyway!

I can almost forgive her "my door's always open" line, and the reason I have a problem with that is because of Pratchett...
life begins - me


This is just too adorable!

"Xander is vocal and quite affectionate. He loves to announce his presence then jump on the couch with me and plop and roll, looking for a tummy rub."