November 15th, 2004

life begins - me

*Insert over-quoted Boomtown Rats song title here*

Monday mornings are just the worst thing ever. I've decided that it should be illegal for any work place to expect their employees to be in and ready for work this early in the week. There should be at least a ten o'clock start on Mondays. Ease us back in after the weekend. Who's with me?

It's just wrong.

Plus? I seem to have lost all ability to focus on anything for longer than ten minutes. Spent a lot of time yesterday trying to get some writing done. Nada. Did some icons for all the characters on _end_of_days and tried to do some Firefly ones. Nada. Tried to do some coding on the new site. Nada. Looked at one of the old sites still housed on geoshitties and tried to finally get all the files re-named and links updated. Nada.

So I spent the weekend flitting between things, writing, iconing, web coding, watching Firefly, reading... I got nothing done.

And now I have to be at work?

It's just wrong.

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life begins - me

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Gads! I broke the fax machine. Well, actually the Electrochemical Society of America broke the fax machine by having the stupidest fax number ever.

I can't send this site licence to them which means we can't access their e-journals which means all the queries are going to keep on piling up...


Plus, I'm coming down with something I think and generally feel crappy.

I wan't a do-over day.