November 16th, 2004

life begins - me

Do-over day!

Okay, so yesterday sucked so much that I've decided to believe it didn't actually happen. I took a half day anyway so it didn't really counr as a day at work anyway.

So it's Monday.


xander belong - me

Fic Rec time!

Two major recommendations - liz_marcs has finished Living History (*sob*), if you haven't already started this story then what the hell kept you?!

Chapters 1-68 here Chapter 69 here and Chapter 70 here

Liz has also started a new story for nwhepcat's birthday ficathon. Water Hold Me Down parts One, Two Three Four and Five


Okay, other rec. I was hesitant to rec this one because it could go either way - it's still a WIP and I've not been reading it on the lists, only on INAP (not that I'm being snobbish about my site or anything - the story started on the lists when I was away and I've not managed to catch up yet.) I Am What I Am by M McGregor. It's a very different take on the dreaded "what if Xander dressed up as something different for Hallowe'en?" stories which have flooded the 'net over the years. This is a really intriguing story which keeps getting better and better with each new chapter. Please don't let the Hallowe'en thing put you off - it's just a CPD in this story rather than the focus.