November 18th, 2004

life begins - me

Memes again!

Despite what the second one says, I clearly have no life or anything interesting to say - so I'll spam you all mercilously with memes!

First one's scarily accurate though, I gotta say...

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life begins - me


okay, so I'm home right now - got the cold and generally feeling crappy. Anyway, apparently Sky One have decided that 9am is a good time to show repeats of Angel episodes. Reunion's on right now and they've just done the bursting into the screwed-up kid who's on the verge of raising a demon.

The music that was playing? Y'know, that whole heavy metal stuff that lets you know he's dabbling with dark forces? Well... it was the same music that was playing in the tattoo parlour last week.

Do I now have a demonic tattoo?


My brain's in a strange place right now....
life begins - me

New fic: Flycatcher

Okay, so I'm still not sure about this one at all. It's weird, it's not my usual style and it's a short one off. Which again - not like me at all!

This kind of stemmed from something keith5x5 said a week or so ago and then I saw liz_marcs mention as well. Faith/Xander fluff. Does it exist? Can it exist with those two?

Since I'm normally all about the angst I actually found it really difficult not to have some darkness in here. Feels odd. And no, I haven't forgotten about Crimson Regret or WaDaDM, they're still being written!

Ah well, enough obsessing - here it is.

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