November 26th, 2004

life begins - me


Good grief this week has dragged on and on! I'm still determined to get most of the crap off my desk by tonight so I'll be pretty much of the absent for the rest of today.

Good news though, I actually got some words on paper for the next part of Crimson Regret - I have no idea why that story stalled on me like that but now it's back up and running. Yay!

So, big weekend of writing and shopping planned - plus I really hope to catch up on _end_of_days. There's a couple of scenes we need to get finished that have been hanging in the ether for over a week now - damn these time zone differences!

New icon by roseonthegray - thanks sweetie!
life begins - me

rant rant rant.....

it's been a couple of days at least since I ranted about anything so it's back to my favourite topic - the suckfest that is my job. My immediate boss has been PMSing for three days straight now and she's taking it all out on me which just sucks beyond the telling of it. I'm still not feeling 100% - in fact, I'm still not well at all - and on top of the cold that will not die, my neck's still sore from the idiot ramming into my poor little car on Monday morning. I'm trying not to take too many painkillers for my neck since I'm already taking cold & flu remedies and I don't want to completely space out so I'm a little irritable myself.


I don't take it out on the people around me at work! I just bitch to friends and get it out of my system.

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