December 2nd, 2004

life begins - me

Questions and decisions

So it's decision time I guess.

One. Do I make the Faith/Xander archive an auto-archive or not? If I do it means less coding for me in the long run, but it also means I have to mess about with the settings for INAP and I'm very wary of doing that.
If I don't it'll mean more coding for me and authors might be less inclined to submit their work, but it also means I get to keep up my coding skills and there will be a kind of quality control which is lacking on INAP right now.


Two. Do I take the 30th and 31st of December off work as annual leave? The library is open but our department is closed to the public so I don't really have to be here then, but on the other hand I need all the days I can save for next year.

Hmmm squared.
life begins - me

Well that's just fine then...

For the last two years at my work I've organised the Secret Santa thing for my department. I also organised the night out last year and after the amount of stress I got from that I washed my hands of organisation.

So a 'committee' was formed this year to organise things (and wasn't that a great feeling to know that it took three people to replace me!?) and they've booked a really nice restaurant which seems to have met with everyone's approval and which we're all (mostly) going. And they've done the Secret Santa draw so that people get to buy each other presents.


When I was on leave.


So no secret santa for me this year... of course it also means I don't have to buy something for someone else either.

Bah Humbug, says I.

life begins - me

Computer type question...

all you IT gurus out there, can anyone help? I'm trying to play .avi media files and all I'm getting is the audio stream. There's no video playback at all. I've tried it in Ein DVD (my default player) Power DVD and Windows Media Player - it's the same in all three.