December 8th, 2004

life begins - me


so after sitting down and realising just how much caffeine I take in on one day, I decided to really cut back.

I've been up for three hours now and haven't had any coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, Irn Bru or anything else that might have caffeine in it. In fact, all I've had so far this morning is a glass of apple juice. (Yes acrazywench I didn't actually eat anything for breakfast again). I'm so sleepy!

That's got to be a bad sign, right? Like I've been depending on caffeine too much?

I'll see how long this actually lasts for, tea break is in just over two hours. I have to make it that far at least, and once I'm there? Maybe I can push it to lunch time ...

ETA no new icons today, sorry.
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life begins - me

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You will all be pleased to know, that I have now had coffee!

I pushed myself through the morning break with the promise that I'd have coffee at lunch. That was absolute torture. I was irritable, I was headachey, I was hyper-aware of the smallest noises...

Everything that could have gotten on my nerves, did.

I'm still headachey, I'm still a little irritable, but I do feel better.

I think I have a problem with caffeine.
life begins - me

An exciting new obsession

So as well as my newly re-discovered love of iconing, I'm also obsessing over caffieine withdrawal.

This could get really boring for everyone so I'll try not to share the obsession too much.

So, I am cutting down my caffeine intake, it makes me cranky and I felt like crap today. As far as I'm concerned that only goes to show how much I need to cut back. So I may be a bitch over the next week or so, I may be unapproachable, snappish, whatever.


But lookit my new icon!
life begins - me

mini-graphics update

So I am still headachey and about to switch off the pc for the night. Mini-icon post, and by that I mean two, plus a Firefly web banner which I couldn't resist. It is customisable (and I know I've spelled that wrong) and I can do it for you if you want. Credit and comments appreciated!

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