December 9th, 2004

life begins - me

to spoil or not to spoil?

So I'm now totally hooked on Lost, I've seen episodes 1 through 10 and have a torrent running on my PC at home so I can watch 11 tonight.

But, 10 (Raised By Another) ended on a cliff-hanger of sorts and while I was on the hunt for decent caps and pictures from the show to make icons from, I found promo pics from 11 (All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues) which were missing a significant character.

I want to know what happened! But on the other hand, I really don't. I want to be shocked and surprised when I get home and see the episode tonight. It's only a few hours...

Should I spoil myself or not?


(Caffeine update - had my first coffee of the day, hopefully my last as well. I'll see how it goes, since I'm actually cutting back from around 6 or 7 in one day I might not make it through to lunch without getting all headachey again)